26 Sep 2007

Sunday afternoon in Buenos Aires

There is so much going on in Buenos Aires! At the »Konex«, a cultural center, we spent the afternoon watching several local artists painting a car, which was sponsored by a mexican guy, listened to 2 bands, saw a shortfilm selection and took a look a the small shop, while sipping a ginger-mint-lemonade!
Nati introduced us to several friends and designers, so here are some more links you should defintetely take a look at:
Buenos Aires Stencil

When it got colder in the evening we swichted the scenes and went to another concert, this time indoor, but not before we had our first argentinan empanadas - we still love them, even though we had them almost daily in Santiago. The last band performing was »Bolas de Fuego« which was founded by Marcos y Ezequiel, who at the same time are the head of »Superestudio«, whom we should also meet the next morning, when we went to visit them at their studio.

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