25 Jun 2007

3erMundo en Melbourne

Ramon y Tere, vimos vuestro corto en el cine australiano! Y a todo el mundo aqui le gustó muchisimo! Sobre todo a twocollect, claro :)

the most colorful street we've ever seen

ACDC Lane...

Melbourne sketchbook

Twocollect meets Nails

This week we met Niels, a friend of Lars in our lunch break. Actually we did not eat anything because we were so excited about all the hidden places and galeries he showed us. We could not believe it, that most of them are so close to where we are living, but hidden in subways, tiny side streets or upper levels.
We met at the "Until Never" galery, where he organised and took part in the running exhibition. We also saw the artwork of Lars! Really great and we make sure to go there again and take some pictures.
Until then you can visit the webpage of Niels www.nails.net.au

Streetart by Nails

Oh Tannenbaum!

We were just talking about the strange sensation to feel like winter and therefore christmas in the middle of june, when the next day Soren explained the new project to us, he wants us to work on: designing a christmas tree!!!! Jingle bells, jingle bells...

work, sleep, work, sleep...

at night


20 Jun 2007

Büro North

Yesterday we started working at Büro North. Although their website evokes the impression they are a big team, it only consists of four people.
Please have a look at it: http://www.buronorth.com/
Soren, Sarah, Sky and Hayden welcomed us really heartily and we are enjoying the job a lot.
After the first "orientation-week", we are starting to feel more comfortable in Melbourne and decided to extend our stay up to 4 more weeks in Australia.
We already realized in Hong Kong that it takes round about one week to find ourselfs the stuff we need, to get in touch with people and to get used to the new town (and weather...).
It makes a big difference, once you are getting to know local people, as they show you their town from their point of view. So at this point we would like to say thank you to everyone at Büro North for giving us the chance to work here, for inviting us to a "dotted-party" on the weekend, showing us the best coffee in town and even more!

Twocollect and 3erMundo

Most of our first week we spent in the State Library, working for 3erMundo in Barcelona. As our hostel room does not have a proper table nor internet connection, we really enjoyed our new (huge) working space. The illustrations we did were good fun and we are looking forward to seeing them animated!
For more great graphic animations and illustrations please visit the webpage of 3er Mundo: www.3ermundo.com

By the way: the short film "The Pagüey" from 3erMundo will be screend at the "Melbourne International Animation Festival" this week. If you happen to be here, make sure to see "International Program #2" ! (www.miaf.net)

17 Jun 2007

War of the Worlds - endlich auch als Musical!

Keep away from Vegemite!

At Flinders Station Hotel, where we've been staying for almost one week, the breakfast is for free between 7 and 9 am. Everybody is allowed to eat two toasts and one bowl of cereals.
You find the great variety of three different spreads for your bread: strawberry and orange jam and something called "Vegemite" (you can see the huge bucket with the yellow/red label on the picture above).
For some reasons I did not check the ingredients of the spread and put it on both of my toasts. Julia tried to stop me, but I was convinced that it is chocolate spread. (at least I was hoping that it is chocolate:) After one bite a had to face it: it was everything but NOT chocolate. Actuallay until today I did not dare to read the list of ingredients. But it must be something very abnormal.
Even worse: afterwards we found out that Australians really like it?!

Ps. Julia, thank you so much, that you gave one of your toasts to me afterwards!


(there is no heater in our hostal-room, but tee is for free...)

sunday bicycle tour

Yesterday we rented two bicycles and started to discover some of the southern parts of Melbourne. We were lucky it was sunday and that there were hardly no cars on the streets where we drove, because it was so hard for us to keep on the left hand side... It always felt wrong and extremly dangerous to us. We should have gotten used to it by now after Hong Kong, now Australia and New Zealand afterwards...
We first followed the river, crossed the industrial area and then ended up at the beach of St. Kilda. We can imagine life must be really beautiful here in summer time - right now it reminded us more of northern Germany, in particular the beaches of Kiel, where we studied.

Luna Park, right at the beach of St. Kilda.

15 Jun 2007

13 Jun 2007

8 am

View out of our hostel window, looking up and down.

Twocollect at designfreak.com

Thank you to designfreak for presenting us on your brandnew portal!
Please check out: http://www.designfreak.net

12 Jun 2007

collecting upside down...

Especialmente para Ramon: ahora en alta resolución!

Hello Melbourne!

Well, it's winter. And although they don't have leaves on the trees, we found at least some pink pigeons!

Hong Kong Airport...

As we unfortunately couldn't make it to one of the Islands Lamma or Lantau nature came and visited us at the airport. While we were having an early breakfast this butterfly was sitting right beside us and looking out of the window. Just to get an idea of the size of this beautiful guy- it was as big as a hand!

Goodbye t-shirts!

Thanks to everyone we met here in Hong Kong! We had a great time!