9 Nov 2007

17. Mai - 8. November


Twocollect is back in Berlin.. well, it's 6°, it's raining and we miss you all!

4 Nov 2007


Silkscreen com Agos y Djimi

Muchas muchas obrigracias para buenos noche!

2 Nov 2007


We must admit that it was really heavy raining in Rio for a few days, but at least being trapped inside João's flat we created this little guy...

Instituto Europeo di Design

Rodrigo, a friend of Indio, invited us to hold a presentation a the »Instituto Europeo de Design«. By coincidence the topic they are dealing with in their class at the moment is about »neo-nomadism« - so we fitted in perfectly with our project.
It was a challange for us to compile all the information, images, impressiones and experiences we collected throughout our journey and it took us more than two entire days to make up the presentation. Even though it was hard from time to time to resume something that is still not finished it was great to extract a »best of twocollect«!
We realized again how lucky we where to meet so many great people and would like to say thank you to everyone who took part in our journey! Without your help it would not have been possible.

digital paintlight

Since Wednesday we are staying at Dimis and Augus place in São Paulo. Just the night we arrived we where very lucky to try out some of Dimis interactive projects he programmed.
One of his inventions is the digital paintlight, which in contrast to the experiments we did with Indio in the first days, can be controlled by the one who paints and is visible the moment you start drawing. There was a film team who documented the fun we had until 3 o'clock in the morning.


29 Oct 2007

Goodbye Rio

almost Tim-Festival

Unfortunately all the tickets to the Björk concert at the Tim-Festival where sold out, but João and Daniel took us to a test screening of the animations they did for the center part of the festival. They had to coordinate 16 different animations that were simultaneously shown on 16 screens surrounding the main area. The scenary was very interesting as the screens were fit into holes of wall of containers, to the open side you could see the sea (when we were there they were still arranging the containers and the festival area)

27 Oct 2007

Christo Redentor

Another tourist attraction of Rio, but this time we regretted going there. It was overcrowed with tourists, and a very hard proof for our patience.
We've already seen »Christo Redentor« several times, high up on the »Corcovado« on our trips through the city, but stangding right beneath the 30m high statue is even more impressive. Obviously many other people thought so too and the platform around him was packed with tourists keen to bring home the best fotos...

a jungle in the middle of the city

Once inside of the »Jardim Botanico« you completely forget, that you are in the middle of the city. Compared to the daiyl noise level it was really quiet and realxing and of course the plants are so great! We love the tropics!