23 Sep 2007

bienvendio a la primavera

On our second day in Buenos Aires we followed the invitation of Juan and left the city for an original argentinian »asado«. Six brothers invited all of their friends to come to their farm, where they breed cattel and celebrate with them the beginning of Spring. We were told that everyone is looking forward to that day the whole year long and when we arrived there we understood the anticipation. It almost felt at a festival venue, with all the guests, music and the great weather.
Especially for this occasion a »novillo« (young bull) was slaughtered and grilled and the meat was incredibly good and served only with salt, bread and some salad.
Almost 12 hours we all together celebrated the start of Spring and drunk vine, ate meat and took a long walk through the grounds and visited the cattles (which will be eaten next time...)
We met a lot of people there, most of them designers aswell. Although this day was not about working, design or what so ever we want to post at least some of the webpages of the people we met:

Laura Varsky
Christian Montenegro
Karin y Paula

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