1 Oct 2007

Typography class

After visiting »morfologia« on Tuesday Laura invited us to take a look at the typography class on Friday afternoon/night. Even though we were already told that there are round about 5000 students studying design at the UBA we were still surprised when we entered the classroom of typography - it was so huge! That day, the students had to present the final works of the last project. The topic was quite complex as they were send to a certain district of Buenos Aires, which is an important and packed commercial zone with a lot of transit, where first of all they had to collect facts about the area. After analysing the gathered information the task was to bring it back to the district using the instruments of typography and provoke a reaction of the people. This had to be documented and compiled in a book, which was to be handed in as the final work. All of this had to be resolved in teams - but at the same time each team member had to design a poster, showing in a schematic kind of way the process of the project from a personal point of view.
So it was highly interesting, but also a bit difficult for us to understand such a highly complex work in such a short time.
After handing in their work, they were given the new task right away, which consists in the transformation of audio into typography.
For us it was very interesting, to get such a different insight view into teaching typography, and to see the results that are much more daring and playful than the ones we are used to.

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mariana said...

Hello Antonia!!!
I`m surprise. I studented at the UBA. When the photos see...ohhhh
I don`t speak english but I`m studing english...
Tomorrow, I go to the UBA for a conference.

Your "dibujos" are beautifull!!!