23 Oct 2007

twocollect at radar55

News in Portugese about twocollect :) on www.radar55.com


Anonymous said...

auch wenn mein spanisch nicht dazu angetan ist den text im detail zu verstehen so bin ich von dem was ich glaubte zu verstehen "deeply impressed"wenn ich das so richtig interpretiere handelt es sich bei euch um "worldwide known celebrities"
impressed regards
aus franken

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've just seen news about you on Radar55 and love what I found when I opened your blog: very nice pics/work. But, at the same time I read "news in Brasilian...". I'm sorry if I'm being picky, but we, brazilians, don't talk Brasilian, we talk Portuguese and it's kind of weard for us when someone says that. Anyway, if I misunderstood what you wanted to say, I'm sorry, forget my comment!(lol!) Again, congratulations for the blog! Take care!

ANNA said...

That's how I got here! Nice job!
And for sure you'll prefer Rio than SP! Pity it's rainning that much...
Tudo de bom!