22 Oct 2007

Rio de Janeiro

On Saturday in the morning we took the bus from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro. In total it took 6 hours to get there and during the whole trip were just looking out of the window, amazed by the time it took to finally leave São Paulo, the change of landscape, the smaller towns and villages...
When we arrived at the busterminal Daniel and João where already awaiting us and took us on our first ride through the city. It took only a few minutes to catch a first glimpse of one of the beaches and the sea. Rio is very different to São Paulo and the presence of nature within the city gives it a really special image. All the tropical plants growing in the street, orchids hanging from trees, mountains in the middle of the city and of course the beaches!
We are very happy João offered us stay at his place while we are here and we are looking forward to working with him and Daniel in the next couple of days. Both of them decided to stay in Rio and work here, even though most of the graphic design scene is based in São Paulo - we can perfectly understand, why it is worth staying here!
We really recomend to take a look at their webpages:

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was ist das denn fürn krasser baum???