6 Oct 2007


Our design-exchange-experience in Buenos Aires was of a completely different type than the ones we had before: Nati y Pablo proposed to make a »Gocco«-print together. So one afternoon the four of us started drawing, and after testing various techniques how unite the four different illustration-styles (folding paper and passing it on, without letting the next person seeing what you've been drawing, starting in one corner and passing it on...) we ended up starting from the very center of the page and everyone tryed to react to what the person before drew.
At the end we were very pleased, not to say enthusiastic with the results and we were ready for printing.
For those who don't know what a »Gocco« is: it can be compared with screenprinting, you only need one small machine instead of a whole workshop.
Nati and Pablo already bought so many colors, so that it was hard to select only some of them and we ended up making a mulitcolored first run. We did not count how many papers we printed, but at one point we started printing on everything we could find - all our sketchbooks, fabric, receipts... And Loli (our favorite dog) always in the middle, watching carefully what we were doing!
Was great fun - thank you so much Nati and Pablo!

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