26 Sep 2007


At Nati's and Pablo's house we met the funniest dog we've ever seen. Her name is Loli and as Nati is always saying Loli is dividing her world into the things that are eatable and the ones that are not. Standing in her favorit place (the kitchen), I was too sleepy this morning to catch a piece of cheese that fell out of the fridge - Loli inhaled it without chewing.
Yesterday night we prepared a delicous dinner: an italian-venezuelan inspired creation. While we were trying to eat our meals, Loli was starring at the food, trying to move it throughout the power of her mind.


kiki said...

hier ist die offizielle einladung für loli für einen zweiwöchigen aufenthalt in der knorre-küche. liebsten gruß von der köchin

Brett said...

this loli sounds lkike a great dog, perhaps she has a similar life motto as me ;)