6 Jul 2007

there's a hole in my bucket

Today was our last day at »Büro North« - tomorrow we're off for the desert!
The image you see above was one of the fun jobs we did for »Büro North«. It's for the Melbourne design festival, where they handed out buckets with a tiny hole in the bottom to 20 local design studios. After a spontaneous photoshooting, where we tried to take pictures of sugar (later coloured jelly powder) flowing out of the hole, we realised that the wind was too strong and made the sugar almost invisible (except of the ground, which was covered in white afterwards and we hope nobody got stuck in our small sugar lake). So we started to pass on the photo with Mike, who was holding the bucket for us with great patience, to everyone at Büro North and each of us did a different part. It was really fun - like all of the projects, they gave to us.

During our 3 weeks stay we also worked out our favorite lunch-set: fist go to one of the many indian restaurants and get a vegeterian Samosa for take away, eat this on the way to one of the many japanese restaurants, get each two sushi rolls (they are more the size of wraps here). After finishing go to nearest café and get a cappucchino to go - and maybe a scone to share :)
As we both got a cold here, we used to prepare ourselfs ginger-lemon-honey-teas in the kitchen of the office, where we often met people from the other offices in the building. One of them brought us lemons form his own lemon tree the next day. I also met a Columbian guy who is preparing tee and coffee every morning for the office opposite of Büro North, so I also had my little spanish chat each day.
It was so great to be here, thank you so much Soren, Sarah, Skye and Hayden!!!!!

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