15 Jul 2007

the swag experience

After the brief visit at Kings Canyon we headed to the Camp close to the Kata Tjuna National Park. On our 500 km drive we aleady catched a glimpse of the Uluru and Kata Tjuna.
The first thing Shaz did, when we arrived at the camp, was to turn on the "barby" (very important words, also very common "brekky" for breakfast - alrighdy?) and we had delicious burgers at the campfire. After several attempts to get at least one not too ridiculous sound out of the didgeridoo, we had to make a very difficult decision: sleeping in a swag outside or inside of the tent. After several attempts Shaz finally managed to convince the whole group to sleep outside in the swags (a mattrass-sleepingbag-tentfabric combination) - she said it is much warmer than the tent. We did not get the chance to find out, whether a tent would have been warmer, but if Shaz was right a tent must have been horrible... Temperatures that night dropped down to -1°C and it was fucking cold! The only excuse was the fantastic night skye with all its stars!

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ich bin doch nicht sooo neidisch...