15 Jul 2007

Athur aus München

Back on the "Ghan" on our way from Alice Springs to Adelaide we met Athur, a 78 year old bavarian guy, who was on his own around the world trip for half a year. He invited us to a few coffees and a good night beer in the train restaurant and told us about all the travelling he already did in his life. We think there is probably no spot on earth left where he has not been yet. Be it the Mount Everest, African safaris, entering the Amazonas by boat without permission to visit native tribes or saving the life of a mexican moutaineer in the Andes - every tale was so thrilling. And most impressive of it all was that he remembered all the names of even the tiniest villages, the time it takes you get from point to the other and route you have to take. Of course he has been already everywhere we are about to go! We wish him all the best on his way to Papua New Guinea, Vietnam and Japan (we forgot all the small islands he is going to visit in between)

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