28 May 2007

Our first day at Tommy Li Design Workshop

Yesterday we started the first job at Tommy Li Design Workshop.
On our way to work we realized that the so called »Escalator« - a moving staircase starting in Central and going up to Mid-levels ( 800 m) is changing its direction in the morning: from 6 to 10 o clock am it goes downwards - after that upwards until 12 pm.
We had our next little adventure when we took the »Minibus« - a small bus that does not really have busstops. You just tell the driver, where you want to get on or off. Luckylie we found some very friendly chinese who told the driver in Kantonese where to stop (it does not help to show them your adress in English). In the end the whole bus knew where we had to go and were discussing were which streetcorner would be the best to drop us off.
We have to say, most of the people here are really really friendly and intend to help us even though some of them hardly speak any English.
Unfortunately we cannot tell on what project we are working on at Tommy Li, just so far, that we are really enjoying our job and to be able to work at his studio!
Our first lunch we took together at a really typical kantonese »Dim Sum« restaurant was delecious and a completly new experience for us: before any of the food was ordered the woman, who lead us to the restaurant started washing al the dishes, chopsticks and cups with boiling water, which they serve you in a pot, mainly for this purpose. Because of the huge size of the restaurant all food is carried on trollies by the waitresses through the restaurant, shouting out, what kind of dim sum they have to offer. You just stop the ones you are intrested in and they put a stamp on your receipt. In the end you pay the amount of money according to the stamps you collected.
So in total we really had an exciting and great first day at work!

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kiki said...

is there any tree to climb up???