19 May 2007

New Territories

Fabian and his family welcomed us very heartily here in Hong Kong. Right now we are living in a district close to Hong Kong, called New Territories - very appropriate for the first stop of our journey.
Our first morning we spent cheering for Cecilia (9 month old daughter of Fabian) at the babies swimming class - we begrudged her a lot for being in the water: 31°C and about 90% humidity in an indoor swimming pool...
After that we had lunch in a Chinese restaurant, which was situated in one of the big shopping malls of Hong Kong - only to give you an inkling of its size: the police patrolled the basement garage with bicycles.
During our visit to the supermarket we had to contain ourselves of not spending all the money on chewing gums, noodle soups, dried octopus... because of their amazing packaging!

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